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MULTI Pro Java 7 NIO.2

Discussion in 'JVM Books & Tutorials' started by beastie, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. beastie

    beastie Well-Known Member

    Dec 1, 2015
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    Pro Java 7 NIO.2 by Anghel Leonard
    English | ISBN: 1430240113 | December 7, 2011 | EPUB/PDF | 296 pages | 1 MB/13 MB

    Pro Java 7 NIO.2 addresses the three primary elements that offer new input/output (I/O) APIs in Java 7, giving you the skills to write robust, scalable Java applications:

    An extensive file I/O API system addresses feature requests that developers have sought since the inception of the JDK
    A socket channel API addresses multicasting, socket binding associated with channels, and related issues
    An asynchronous I/O API enables mapping to I/O facilities, completion ports, and various I/O event port mechanisms to enhance scalability

    NIO.2 for the Java platform, known as JSR 203, is a major feature of the new Java JDK 7 under the leadership of Alan Bateman as an OpenJDK project. Take advantage of these exciting new developments with Pro Java 7 NIO.2.
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  2. Julio2000

    Julio2000 New Member

    May 30, 2016
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